Cheap School Supplies

Cheap School Supplies

Cheap School Supplies


Where to get cheap school supplies?

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Monday 7/17/17 only. Save 20% and free shipping. Online only.



So how cheap was it?

I spent $28.45 this year on two kids. Granted I’m missing a few .33 cent notebooks because they were out of stock. But still, I managed to spend about 30$ on school supplies this year for two kids! I didn’t have to bother with coupons, crowds, or even leave my house!

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This is good for Monday 7/17 Only! Use Promo Code Save4Summer and get 20% off plus free shipping to your home or office.




Last Years Horror Story….

I packed up three kids and went to Walmart. Which is a 20 min drive one way. We spent about 3 hours in the store. Fighting people through the school supply aisles was a nightmare. They were sold out of pencils, notebooks, and markers. Kids were screaming, my cart kept getting stuck on notebooks that had fallen on the floor and some aisles I had to wait more than ten minutes to even get through.

Then I started getting Hangry.

The last straw was at the register a total of $270.00. Now that wasn’t all for school supplies but I don’t remember getting much else. Every time I go to that place I spend at least $100.00 cause they have everything I never knew I needed.


This Year –  Comfort and Bliss:

This year I sat in front of the computer with dominos and a beer while the kids watched a movie.

I ordered everything but their spiral notebooks(sold out) and ear buds cause we have extras. After Dollar General’s 20% discount for ordering online and free shipping (Promo code – Save4Summer), I spent under $30.00.  I will have to wait a couple weeks for the notebooks but there’s still time. This sale is not just for school supplies it is site-wide.

I didn’t stress over coupons, getting three kids ready, dealing with crowds of people and trashed aisles to get what I needed.  Plus thanks to Dominos I wasn’t Hangry!


Now off to find deals on school clothes. I will be posting deals daily on our Facebook Group Save Money on Everything.