Affiliate Companies

Here Is a Quick List of Affiliate Companies For New Bloggers.

All of the following Affiliate Companies are FREE (except for Awin)for you to join and start making money on your blog. I use every single one of these and like all of them for different reasons. Some of my links are affiliate links. I will earn a commission at no cost to you. All links will open a new browser so you won’t lose your spot.

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Affiliate Companies:


    • Viglink
    • CJAffiliates
    • Shareasale
    • WPEngine
    • Grammarly  – sign up and write a post about them to share with your readers and they’ll pay you $25.00!
    • Awin – This one charges $5.00 to sign up, but you get that back with your first sale.



Earn up to $7500 for one sale!



But In this Post, I am going to talk specifically about Skimlinks



Why?  I love Skimlinks and you should use them to monetize your new blog ( I joined Skimlinks when I had a thousand views a month). They don’t advertise a minimum of monthly views that you have to have. So I’m not sure if you have less then a 1,000 a month if you will be accepted. Don’t let their homepage fool you they have 1000’s of companies that you can sign up with.



Free To Join.


      1. Like I said before I joined with a 1,000 monthly visitors. Now you won’t make a lot of money if any with a low amount of visitors but if your new and happen to write a post that does end up getting a lot of traffic you want to have Skimlinks or another affiliate marketing company set up on your site so you don’t loose out on potential commissions.
      2. It’s really easy to use. If you are writing a post and make a reference to a website ( example: you don’t have to worry about linking it yourself. Skim links will do it for you. Which is great if you forget you’re not losing out on potential income.
      3. Another great thing they have is a browser extension. Once installed it will pop up on any website you go to and let you know if that company will pay you a commission for linking to them. Example: I am a food blogger so if I talk about using a food mixer for one of my recipes instead of just saying you can find the brand I use at I actually go to Kohls website search for the mixer and the Skimlinks extension pops up to copy that exact page to my site, I copy the link and can add it to my own text. Then when a potential customer clicks on the Kohls link they go right to the food mixer I’m recommending instead of Kohls Homepage like this (Mixer). It’s my wording that I added a link to the Kohls page I wanted.
      4. You can also advertise on facebook and twitter with the browser extension.
      5. They don’t bombard your visitors with popups or banners, It turns ordinary links into cash cows.
      6. They also provide a huge list of current promo codes and deals to pass on to your readers.
      7. There are a ton of advertisers using them. Almost all niches can use Skimlinks.
      8. They are two-tiered which means once you join you can refer others and make more money.







    1. No banner ads which can be a pro or con. If you’re looking specifically for banner ads try which is another one of the great affiliate companies.
    2. Need code embedded on your website for Skimlinks to work, but it’s really easy with their detailed instructions. They will also give you one on one help if you need it.
    3. They pay out every three months. So don’t expect a check monthly.



Affiliate Companies