How Can I Start a Blog

So How Can I start a Blog? Where Do I Start? What Websites Do I Use to Start a Free Blog, How Do I Get Self Hosted, Edit Pics, Proofread, and……? Check out my Master List.

How can I start a blog? It’s intimidating to know where to begin. You have to learn a lot and utilize a lot of different websites to run a blog successfully.

As I said on the blogger resource page. I started adding just a simple list to a draft page on my site to keep track of all the websites I wanted to check out. Whether I didn’t have the time to read them at that point, I didn’t have enough traffic to use them, I wasn’t self-hosted, or whatever other reason I wanted to save them. I decided to publish that list.  Here is my master list of sites that I use all the time. Most are free, but they do have premium plans. Some of them you will be happy with the free version and some you will need or want the premium versions which do come at a cost.

I use all of these websites and recommend them with the exception of the blogging platforms and hosting sites. When I started my blog I used and then became self-hosted with Siteground and I have experience with Wix and a couple of the hosting companies and prefer WordPress and Siteground I’ve also shared some great places for bloggers to share posts and drive more traffic to your site below.

I have linked all of the sites and they will open in a new page so you won’t loose your spot. Some of the links are affiliate links. Which means I will get a commission if you sign-up using my link.

Be sure to check out my Blogger Resource page It’s full of lot’s of info to answer the question – How can I start a blog?.


This is a great book I found on Amazon.



Blogger Master List:


Free Blogging Platforms.

New to blogging and don’t want to be self-hosted here are some of your options for free blogging platforms.




Want to become Self-Hosted? Here are some of your options.

WordPress combined with Siteground is a match made in heaven.

Read my side by side comparison of four of these companies here



Picture Editing:

Need to make a vertical pin, or edit any of your photos? Here is the top editing software for bloggers.

  • Pic Monkey –  I use and love. They have a free version but I use their premium and pay $7.95 a month
  • Canva
  • Adobe



Need Unlicensed Pics

If you don’t take your own pics you need to make sure you aren’t violating copyright laws. You can get sued for just using google pics that belong to someone else on your blog. Artwork falls under copyright laws and you have to be careful.

  • Unsplash– free pics for personal and commercial use
  • Adobe – Stock photos



Writing and Editing:

Proofreading, punctuation, plagiarism…….. Grammarly has you covered.

  • Grammarly– ultimate writing tool, I still use the free version but will be upgrading soon.



Scheduled Posting

It’s important to post daily sometimes more than once to your Social Media accounts. Schedule everything at one time and keep your social media accounts active.




If your blogging for an income and not just a hobby you need to keep track of income and expenses for tax purposes.

  • Waveapps – I used QuickBooks for years and just started using Waves free version Jan 2017. So far so good.



How Can I Start a Blog and Make Money?

If your blogging to earn an income, how do you make an income? One way is affiliate marketing. Here are affiliate marketers that don’t require a huge following. You have to be self-hosted to sign up for any of these.  Check out my side by side comparison of four companies you can use to become self-hosted and start monetizing your site.

( I joined all of these with an average of 1,000 monthly visitors. Except for Google Adsense – I tried to join too soon and I was denied)



Want to Host a Giveaway



Must Have Plugins

  • Yoast – SEO – Helps improve your ranking on Google
  • Zip Recipes – Recipe plugin that also indexes your recipe with a pic on google search
  • Mailchimp – popups for email subscribers and more
  • Social Warfare -Sharing buttons that you see on the bottom and sides of pages and posts.
  • MiloTree – popup on your site to get people to follow your social media and Pinterest accounts.



Random COOL Websites:

  • Serps – SEO, check keyword ranking.
  • Lucky Orange – Heatmaps, polls, conversion funnels…You can actually see where your visitors are going and what they’re looking at. It’s really cool and they also have a 7-day free trial.



Where to Share your recipes if Your a Food Blogger




Where to Share your Post for all Bloggers Even Food Bloggers:


Because blogging is a never ending learning curve I will add more as I come across them. If you know of a cool site that’s not on the list just leave a comment below.