Hosting Companies

Everyone has their favorite, but how do you know which hosting company you should choose?


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Hosting Companies – you can check all of their websites and see what they have to offer, but after you’ve looked at a few you start to forget which one had what. It’s frustrating! So I put together a side by side comparison of four hosting companies. Check out what they have to offer. This is just an easy way for you to compare what each one has to offer.


The only one I can personally recommend is Siteground. You can read more about it here.

This page contains affiliate links. Which means I will get a commission if you purchase using my link at no extra cost to you and you will get the best deal possible.

Why Become Self-Hosted?


  • To monetize your site (make money)
  • A lot more options with themes and widgets.
  • Use of plugins – to do anything you want and then some.
  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization – very important
  • Your domain will be ( which looks more professional
  • No coding experience needed
  • Video posts
  • To add code (which is easy) for Pinterest rich pins, some affiliate marketing, site branding and more.


The best reason of all (the way it was explained to me) –  Becoming self-hosted is like owning your own home. You can re-paint, decorate how you want, even rip down the walls if you want. When you’re not self-hosted, it’s like renting a home.  No decorating and a risk of being kicked out anytime without notice.  That’s right if you are not self-hosted your website can be shut down for not following the rules.

The following table is for the beginner blogger. I compared all of the bottom line packages for each of these companies.

The following comparisons are for new bloggers with less than 6,000 visitors a month.

If you have a large website and/or a lot of monthly visits all of the companies below offer packages to suit your needs as well.



Hosting Companies Comparison



Hosting Companies

 SitegroundOneGreenGeeksWP Engine
NotesRecommended, excellent customer service.Great way to save a lot of money for your first year of hosting.They use renewable energy to operate their servers.Can only be used with Wordpress.
DomainStarts at $14.95 yrIncludedIncludedNo/ 3rd party
Storage10 GB25GBUnlimited10 GB
SSL CertificateIncludedIncluded$49.95 yearlyIncluded
phone, chat, ticket
Chat or Email
Chat, email, phone
Phone 9am-7pm or chat
1 Click InstallIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Free Site TransferIncludedNo, They will only transfer your domainIncludedNo, They have a plugin that does the work for you.
Automatic Back UpIncluded/DailyAdd on $23.88
(12 months)
Included/ DailyIncluded/ Daily
EmailincludedIncludedIncluded/ UnlimitedNo/ 3rd Party
Website BuilderincludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Money Back Guarantee30 days15 days30 Days60 Days
Payment Options$3.95 a month paid yearlyFREE for first year, only pay set up fee of $13.80. After first year
$2.45 a month paid yearly + $13.80 yearly fee
3 yr prepaid - $3.95 month,
2 yr prepaid - $4.95 a month,
1 yr prepaid - $5.95 a month,
Monthly - $9.95 a month plus set up fee $15.00, plus domain fee $13.95-$18.95
$29.00 monthly or
$290.00 annually - Annual plans receive 2 months free.
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Side by side comparison of four hosting companies.