How to Reuse Leftovers

How to Reuse Leftovers

Leftovers argh. There’s nothing I hate more than wasting food. I read here Americans throw away over $2,000 of food a year. That’s a year’s worth of groceries for one person, a vacation, hell, even a decent used car.

So How Do You Use Leftovers

The obvious ways to use leftovers are lunch for the next day or two and/or leftover night. Which when most people say we’re having leftovers they get all the comments( oh man, not spaghetti again, we just ate that for dinner…..that’s when the cook starts getting psst and threatens that nobody’s going to eat anything).

But what do you do with all those odds and ends…..

One orange, a handful of grapes, a couple of rolls, one corn dog, one piece of chicken, a bowl of spaghetti……. You get the idea. Not really anything you can make a meal out of. Until I came up with buffet night. Everyone loves a buffet. You can pick whatever you want and have a plateful of random good food. It reminds me of the holidays when there is one big spread of appetizers. People help themselves and everyone snacks for hours on end. Sometimes I add extra sides if I don’t have enough leftovers. By the end of the night, it’s all gone.

The kids love buffet night, it’s fun to them. They can get a plate, eat till they’re full, then come back later to snack.  I usually do this on a Friday or Saturday night.


A few other ways to use veggie scraps

Throw them all in a bag and put it in the freezer. Gradually add to the veggies over a month or so, however long it takes to fill the bag up. Makes a great veggie broth and If you add some bones you can make homemade chicken, beef, or fish broth.  You can even use the crockpot and just let it do its thing while you’re at work or on the weekends.  Broth can also be used in numerous dishes, not just soup. Use it as a water substitute, to add more flavor. It’s also trendy now to drink it like coffee for all of the nutrients its has.

You can also make clean out the fridge soup. Which is pretty self-explanatory.

Last but not least, the dog.  I know it’s controversial to give dogs table scraps but waste not, want not.

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