Grease Fire

Grease Fire

Grease Fires!

I came across a post today about a grease fire. Somebody was frying food and they caught their stove on fire. Grease fires are a pretty scary thing to deal with. They were fine and so was their house. They had a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and put it out quickly.


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This is the fire extinguisher we bought.



What got me thinking was the comments on the post. I was always taught never use water on a grease fire, use flour ( which I have done and will explain later).

So the argument started, some said flour, some baking soda, and some sugar. Sugar, I had never heard of.  So I decided to do some research and apparently, flour and sugar are a no-no. They are about as flammable as a stick of dynamite. Dynamite, really? I’ ll be if I didn’t put out a grease fire at one point with a five-pound bag of flour.


My Experience with a Grease Fire:


My friends were frying crab rangoons and they set an electric stove on fire.

It’s funny now but at that time not so. Flames start coming off the coils and my friend panicked grabbed a dry towel and proceeded to smother the fire by beating the hell out of it.  We all know not to do that but in panic mode who knows what you will do, it didn’t work. The towel caught on fire, so he panicked more and threw it out the door. It was on a concrete pad so no big deal right? Wrong! He threw the burning towel on top of an extension cord that was plugged in. I don’t know what could have happened with that, but I’m sure him stomping on an electrical wire, that the coating was being burned off, could have shocked the hell out of him at some point, but he did manage put it out. Then everyone’s attention turned to the fire that was still on the stove and growing bigger by the second.


It was spreading rapidly towards the wall. And it’s a wall with no backsplash or protective cover just drywall.

So I grabbed their bag of flour and dumped the whole thing on top of the flames.



The fire was out!


But what a mess. Flour everywhere, burnt food, and grease all mixed in.

His wife was pissed, but hell we still had all the Sesame chicken done. Just no crab rangoons.


Why get a Fire Extinguisher for your kitchen!


All kidding aside I read %50 of house fires start in the kitchen. That’s scary, and why everyone should have a fire extinguisher!  They aren’t that expensive you can get one for 40 bucks.

Apparently, baking soda works too. I don’t know how many boxes you would need to put out a fire but my guess would be four or five and they better already be open. It takes me five minutes to open one of those boxes.

Have you ever had a scary moment with a grease fire? Let me know what happened and what you did?



Fire extinguishers start at $40 bucks. They are important. Just as important as smoke detectors. Get one TODAY!






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