Pork Steaks

Pork Steaks

We are from St. Louis, MO where pork steaks are at every bbq and we eat them for dinner regularly.  If you live in an area that does not sell pork steaks, buy a shoulder roast or pork butt roast ( same thing) and have the butcher slice it into 1″ thick steaks. Prepare it the following way for the best pork steaks ever.

Pork steaks can be bbq’d, baked, or pan fried. They are easy to make. They take a little while but are well worth it.

With it being winter nobody is going to barbecue. So we will bake them.

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Season to taste with salt, pepper, garlic powder, or any bbq seasonings you like.
  • Bake for 60 minutes until cooked thru (They should not be pink).


The following steps are what make these steaks delicious and tender. It takes 1.5-2 hrs but well worth it. 

  • Next, add two bottles of bbq sauce to a spaghetti pot then top off with enough water to cover the steaks.
  • Bring to a boil. Then reduce to a simmer.
  • Cover with a lid.
  • Turn down to the lowest setting and simmer for 1.5-2 hrs.


The longer you simmer the more tender the meat will be.  It takes a total of 2.5-3 hours to cook but it is not hands on.

If the sauce is too thin for your liking follow the steps bellow:

  • Pull two cups of the bbq sauce out of the spaghetti pot.
  • Add the sauce to a small pot.
  • Mix one tablespoon corn starch into one cup of cold water.
  • Add cornstarch mixture to the small saucepan with the sauce and bring to a low boil while stirring.
  • After mixture thickens add it back to the spahetti pot with the pork steaks, stir a bit and continue to cook for 15 mins.

Finished, serve with corn, beans, mac n cheese, pasta salad…..

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